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The Peugeot 103 is the most common moped found on the road and has many versions. LVS-U3 and the 103 SP, are the major variations whose difference are mostly on body styling. Both these mopeds are equipped with the variating reed valve engine of the 103.  These Peugeot 103 variations came with two separate Novi manufactured magneto system that may also be instrumental for problems found in Peugeot mopeds. They probably generate the least amount of voltage because of that the moped is not able to produce a spark at low RPMs. This results in non poor performance of running and poor idling.   This may be due to the functioning of condensers because unsure sparking is always pointing towards arcing points a symptom that the condenser is not doing its job.  Magnets integrated into rotors also look vulnerable and look weaker than other brands of ignition. Replacing the internal ignition coil could be the solution these mopeds are looking for performing better.

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peugeot 103-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103
peugeot 103-pic. 2peugeot 103-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 mvl-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 MVL
peugeot 103 mvl-pic. 2peugeot 103 mvl-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 rcx-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 RCX
peugeot 103 rcx-pic. 2peugeot 103 rcx-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 sp-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 SP
peugeot 103 sp-pic. 2peugeot 103 sp-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 sport-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 SPORT
peugeot 103 sport-pic. 2peugeot 103 sport-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 spx-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 SPX
peugeot 103 spx-pic. 2peugeot 103 spx-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 vogue-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 VOGUE
peugeot 103 vogue-pic. 2peugeot 103 vogue-pic. 3

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peugeot 103 vs-pic. 1 PEUGEOT 103 VS
peugeot 103 vs-pic. 2peugeot 103 vs-pic. 3

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Peugeot 103 cars have a long history and good reputation among fans of cars of different classes. Cars are different grades of excellent quality and well-known brand. On this page you can find all Peugeot 103 models and the basic specifications for them. And most importantly, here are the most interesting and beautiful pictures. We wish you a pleasant viewing

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