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Are you searching for large powerful bull dozers for your business? The Komatsu PC is placed on top of the list. All across the globe this brand of dozers has been extremely beneficial for the construction and mining industries in particular.

The perfect example of reliability

Komatsu PC is a bulky vehicle that has been particularly designed to remove hard rocks and soil from the construction sites. The mechanical claw at the rear end and the razor sharp blade at the front of the machine do the maximum work with sheer precision and accuracy.

The key points of this amazing machine

·        In spite of being bulky and heavy there is minimal operation noise.

·        It applies the electronic and hydraulic principles.

·        Komatsu PC consumes low fuel.

·        It is easy to maintain.

·        The vehicle features all the safety designs to eliminate the risk of accidents.

·        It is comfortable to operate.

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komatsu pc 200 lc-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 200 LC
komatsu pc 200 lc-pic. 2komatsu pc 200 lc-pic. 3

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komatsu pc 210 lc-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 210 LC
komatsu pc 210 lc-pic. 2komatsu pc 210 lc-pic. 3

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9 pictures
komatsu pc 210 lc-7-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 210 LC-7
komatsu pc 210 lc-7-pic. 2komatsu pc 210 lc-7-pic. 3

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6 pictures
komatsu pc 300-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 300
komatsu pc 300-pic. 2komatsu pc 300-pic. 3

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9 pictures
komatsu pc 300 lc-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 300 LC
komatsu pc 300 lc-pic. 2komatsu pc 300 lc-pic. 3

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9 pictures
komatsu pc 340-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 340
komatsu pc 340-pic. 2komatsu pc 340-pic. 3

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9 pictures
komatsu pc 450-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 450
komatsu pc 450-pic. 2komatsu pc 450-pic. 3

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komatsu pc 450 lc-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 450 LC
komatsu pc 450 lc-pic. 2komatsu pc 450 lc-pic. 3

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komatsu pc 50 mr-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 50 MR
komatsu pc 50 mr-pic. 2komatsu pc 50 mr-pic. 3

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komatsu pc 600 lc-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 600 LC
komatsu pc 600 lc-pic. 2komatsu pc 600 lc-pic. 3

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komatsu pc 8000-pic. 1 KOMATSU PC 8000
komatsu pc 8000-pic. 2komatsu pc 8000-pic. 3

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Komatsu pc cars have a long history and good reputation among fans of cars of different classes. Cars are different grades of excellent quality and well-known brand. On this page you can find all Komatsu pc models and the basic specifications for them. And most importantly, here are the most interesting and beautiful pictures. We wish you a pleasant viewing

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